Saturday, 28 April 2012

My Friends :)

Hello there. Today I'm going to tell you about my friends.
Let me start from my high school friends. I was staying in hostel since I was 13. I stayed in a hostel school for 5 years and a lot of memories created in that duration. These are my closest friends in my high school.

From left (standing): Me, Alya, Faiqa, Izzah, Fatin, Ain
From left (sitting): Hanim, Amalina, Atiqah, Atirah, Amira

They are my flowers that always make me smile. They taught me how to be a good friend and they always support me when I felt down.

Now, I will tell you about my college friends. After finish studying in high school, I further my study in Information Management in Uitm Machang, Kelantan. I stayed there for 2 weeks and my friends are not too many because I had one week for orientation program and one week for sitting in class doing nothing. Then, I moved to Perak Matriculation College. Most of my high school's friends were there. So, I am quite comfortable with that college.

 I took Science Physics at Perak Matriculation College. I was in this college for 2 months. There, I learned how to manage my time with my routine. I had to skip many hobbies during the 2 months and I met a new friend there.  After 2 months, I got an offer from Kirkby International College.Here, I took Teaching English as a Second Language for 5 years and half month. I met many friends here and they have made my day complete. 

Their smiles bring happiness to me. They are very supportive and sometimes they are so funny and crazy. In fact, they are very spiritual. For example, during my co-curriculum activity, we have to run around the college for 3 times. Even though it is hard to do, they will try their best to reach the shortest time to get a better mark. That spirit make me proud of them because that is the example of not giving up.

Don't stop smiling my dear friends. :)

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