Saturday, 9 June 2012

After a long time

wassup? long time no see..
same goes to my blogger account.. ^^V
so,,i've gone for about how many months i dont know..
after i've finished my assignment i guess.
*assignment = my blog

yahh! that's boring...who cares what i'm,,here come the interesting part,,, 
i think.. :p

after i finished my exam a.k.a my semester 2,,my holiday start! 
even it is for 2 weeks,,but its okay..still consider as a holiday..can't wait for degree semester! :D

my holiday is still on going and,,my 1st week,,,,,
guess what???
i visited Kelantan!
oke,,it's not that excited for you,,perhaps,,..but for me!
OMG! that was my........
errrrrr........3rd time i think... ^^V
i stayed at my friend's house, miss Siti Fathirah..
u can visit her blog if u want.. :p
she's in my follower list..

oke,, i'm having my holiday there because her family make an Aqiqah feast..
She got an awesome family,,talkative,kind and happening..
that house got 10 kids play around the house..imagine how happening that family..

the feast was set on 6th June 2012..
it run smoothly and i ate singgang for the 1st time..
hohoooo..taste like soup but there's still a little bit different from soup..
the ingredients also were different...ergghhh..i don't know how to say..
taste it'll know how delicious it is.. :)

i went back on 7th June 2012..the next another friend,, miss Faten Hanani gave me a ride from Fathirah's house that afternoon..I joined her reunion at kfc and went to her took about 15 minutes from Fathirah's house..i guess... :p
Her family was soooo kind..thanks Faten's mom for the cute fan and serunding..
mak sy makan sampai habis serunding tu.. :p
at 8 p.m,, her family and i went for dinner near a bus station..i ate Nasi Ayam and Teh Ais..nice calories!  :p

at 9.30 p.m,, i start my journey to my hometown by bus..
nice Red Warriors..
i learned new words, met new people, new driver bus and met many kind of behaviors.
thanks a lot peeps,,
u've made my day..
May Allah bless all of you.. :)
see you next time Kelantan..insyaAllah.. :)

thank you both family! :)