Thursday, 19 April 2012

Artist of the year! :)

Hello there..
this entry is about my favourite artist..
guess what??? :D
the award goes to~~~~


Do you know who is Tanner Patrick??
for those who still never know about this special young man,,
here it is..


He was born on 25 May 1991 which is 2 years before I was born.. :p

Tanner is a singer/songwriter from Dallas, Texas. Former vocalist of band Disco Curtis and 

started posting videos on You Tube in August of 2011. Now, his first single "Merry Go Round" 

has released in You Tube and iTunes.

Under the name Tanner Howe, he was the vocalist and guitarist for Disco Curtis from 2008 until 

late 2010 when all the other members left the group. In July 2011, ten months later, he 

released a statement saying that he would now be known as Tanner Patrick - citing that he 

needed a “fresh start” and saying that spent this time writing, demoing and refocusing image 

and direction.

He is the You Tube artist. He covered songs such as A Thousand Years by Christina Perry and 

Ours by Taylor Swift..

I adore him because he is very independent. Even though he is alone without his band, he still 

can survive and became famous You Tube artist now. For me, it is hard to be that strong.

Keep it up Tanner Patrick!

The best part is we can buy Tanner Patrick's fan shirt !!! Here is the link.

Can I have one?     :(

hey Tanner..u know what?? :)

Your voice is so good. Believe it or not. I listen to all your covered song and Merry Go Round 

every night while doing my assignments.

Good Luck Tanner Patrick . :)

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